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I study in a course that kills yet the name sounds the least like it. I dread regrets in life, thats why I always strive to do the best in things I do.
Looking too much into things is my weakest point. Misplacing things and forgetting names are my strengths.
I think I have self-discipline since I do not smoke, drink or into clubbing. A fan of chocolates, that explains the frequent failure of my diet plan. I've made a secret pact to kidnap kids home because I just cant resist them.
Lastly, I want to declare that my blog is mostly of entertainment. Sorry to disappoint, but I hardly put my emotional thoughts here. :)


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November 23, 2008
Kranji, the man made farm

Walk through the rustic trails, away from the buildings of the cities,
with natural plantations in yards and farms

the countrified landscape accompanied with blooms of lovely florals
as the pastoral greens welcome you with the chippings of the birds

under the breeze and beams of the sun
as they sweep you off your feet

Welcome to Kranji...

For a moment after I stepped out of the car,
I felt as though I was out of country,
out from the hustle bustle city of Singapore.

As much as it is rural and countryside,
the inaccessibility, lack of amenities and sucky services really complement the theme well.

Is it a tourist attraction then given its current stage?

Or will it be too man made and spoil the rustic charm after development, making it not an attraction anymore?

I know I'm dreaming..
But i want a holiday badly.

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November 22, 2008
I just got this impel to start blogging again which I really have no idea why.
Something, somehow somewhat just impels me..
i couldn't believe my last entry was nearly 1 year ago, oh dear.

Time to start blogging again and store the last semester of my poly life in this journal.

Will update soon (:

I wish to have a naked heart,
a heart that is free from obstructions.

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January 14, 2008
School has been pretty hectic, and i suck at time management.
So much so that my body has been playing resistance on me, sat's voice was extremely sexy. thanks to the inflammation on the throat.
was in the church trying to sing during the praise & worship but my voice got me a fright, for a moment i thought i was a trans. :X

Last week's deadline has traumatized me, but I still manage to hand up my project. phew.
this week, another war , wish me well.

I hate bus journey alone.
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January 07, 2008
Embrace 2008

Sorry peeps for the long long delay, I've been really extremely tight up recently. (:
A lot of happenings, but a lack of time & blogging certainly isnt part part of my priority lists for now.
So i'll just make a short post to this, and I promise after all the busy period I'll post new things again!

Its a brand new year of 2008, new changes & new revelations comes in as well.

Good bye to 2007, its not been such a gd year but a year of a big turning point for me I must say.
Perhaps its what God had put me to mold me into a stronger person.

"Time to break the traditions, take new changes and comes new transformations."
I love what Pastor Kong had preached.

Anyways 1 of my greatest satisfaction before 2007 is the opening of Jayne's& me blog shop!

As dated on 30th Dec 2007.

Its been a drag for this, you may hear us/me saying a few months ago but nothing is up..
Thats because we're doing all the preparations, its really involve a lot of sweat & blood.
Finally its out now! (: Please do support & spread the word!

Its been a week old since the blog has opened, and I must have say the business is doing rather well. (: Sales are coming daily & almost all are sold out.

Not much advertising is done yet due to such a tight up sceldue but surprisingly sales is great. (:
Thanks to those people who have been helping to advertise!

Did a new year resolution & I'm really going to set my goals to fulfill them.
Essentially these are the 3 things that I'm going to focus more on now:

God, School, blogshop.

In addition, I wanna express a big thanks to JAYNE YAP TING XUAN (the fake mask, fat pig/ yuan yuan/ who says bf shirt is for guys only :P)

I know this sounds twit & pink girl but ..

I just wanna say I loveeeeeeee you! (i know you'll read this so your hair make sure it stands HIGH if not I'm so gonna waste my time typing this :P)

you've been my best pal, my business partner, my diet, exercise, swimming, paranoid, shopping, complaint, msn, fashion & the list goes on.

When attachment starts, there'll certainly be things I wanna learn.
Life is short, live it to the max. (:
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December 07, 2007

Dear brain, please wait for this heart to catch up with you.
you are trying & speeding way too fast that the heart cant seem to follow.

The brain is speeding too fast, that it doesn't want to make a step back at all.
You need to catch up, heart.

The pace of life is getting faster & slower at the same time.
From the outer surface, it definitely is, with all the projects assignments etc which I wouldnt want to go blabbering more about it.

what I know is, you need to depend on yourselves.
through all these times, i'm glad i've grown to be more independent.

Silence from the emptiness seems to be the only noise which welcomes me back home every time I lift open the door.
The constant home alone nights in my little room with my desktop & music as my best friend somewhat became a routine to me as i try to rush my stuffs & aim to sleep early which i obviously fail every time.

As much as I stand strong,
Sometimes, being alone will somehow becomes a definition of lonely & creep slowly but so sharp that it cuts thru your heart.

What could make it worse is when fucking things happen & those things make you feel so lousy and down & your mind allow those thoughts to run & wander off so much so it breaks you.

& on the outsideI tend to put on a constipated smile & pretend everything is alright.

People often ask me, " why don't you like to stay at home? I wanted to so much but I don't have the time!"
This is the reason.

Fyi, I'm not a saddist, a emo queen or whatever u call it, i don't feel sad all the time.

" You maybe alone, but you're never lonely because I'm with you all the time."

He spoke to me.
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